Skin Shields - the journey begins.

29th July 2018 
We are now one month into our introduction of Skin Shields; a training sock designed specifically for Irish dancers and are quickly adapting to the demand, which has exceeded our expectations.

Over the recent weeks, Skin Shields have left Ireland and travelled to many dancers and schools around the world; Ireland, UK, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Europe and the reaction has been hugely positive, reflecting the two year research process, development and trial of proto types with dancers. We were delighted with a recommendation in The Irish Dancing Magazine and will feature in their August edition. Vendor's in the USA, United Kingdom and Ireland are already stocking Skin Shields with other partnerships in the pipeline.


Central to the effectiveness of Skin Shields is not just the anatomical design and dual layer construction but also the use of Meryl Skinlife in the inside sock; an advanced mix of intelligent polyamide yarns. Its composition offers a permanent antimicrobial effect, drawing moisture and bacteria away from the skin allowing dancers to train in comfort for longer; this continues to be effective even after 100 washes. Given that a dancer covers over 23km in a training class (yes, we tracked it!) that’s the equivalent of over 2,300km...

In terms of sizing, we recommend that if a dancer is wearing a smaller heavy shoe than their street shoe, that the smaller size guides fitting. The socks are most effective when worn snug with the inside layer moulded to the foot.

Dancers will notice that their socks are damp when finished training; this is because the moisture is drawn away from the foot and into the outside layer of the sock. Skin Shields should be washed on a cool cycle and hung dried.

Within a few weeks we hope to have Skin Shields available in black and will continue our focus on the development of high specification training products for Irish dancers around the world.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

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