Where it began....

As a mother of an Irish dancer, I loved the true representation of competitive Irish dancing in the movie 'Jig' and the various documentaries in recent years.  I had become so frustrated at the perception held by those outside the community of Irish dance that it was only about expensive costumes, wigs and fake tan.  Its not... Well it is -but only for a very short period of time!  What's truly important is what leads up to that moment when a dancer steps on stage and showcases their skill and expertise; those hours and hours of practice, training, physio, injury, recovery, disappointment, heartache, quickly followed by elation and celebration.  

In 2013, I sat in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow at the All Scotlands, watching world class dancers display their talent and thought to myself "we are rhythm nation"....  Those words stayed with me and were the origin of an idea where the commitment and dedication of competitive Irish dancers could be communicated in a range of sportswear, custom designed for them.

And so it began.  Our video "This is your Story" captures the real journey of a competitive Irish dancer; This is your story.  Now you can wear it.

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