GEFF Ireland are distributors for GEFF Sport, the worlds leading digital teamwear company.  We create Irish designed sportswear that is manufactured ethically in Europe and shipped direct ( and free of charge!) to athletes, teams, events, universities and businesses worldwide.  

Rhythm Nation is our own brand that delivers custom designs for teams and events to the global Irish dance market.

All our designs are custom created and produced using subimation, where the design is dyed permanently into the fabric (no templates, no itchy embroidery).

✅ Irish designed and ethically manufactured in Europe ❤️

✅ Manufacturing time is 8-11 working days for non-zip items and 15 days for zipped items.  

✅ Sublimated Design (permanently dyed into the fabric)

✅ Includes individual personalisation with the athletes surname on the back (optional)

✅No minimum order quantity

✅ Permanent Replacements (in case you loose an item!) 

For more details email grainne@geff-sport.com

Whatsapp 083 1174985